DRIE - Dehydration Recognition

in our Elders

Useful links around drinking and dehydration

Posters to download

Nutrition and Hydration week: 2013 Posters and 2014 Posters

Drink water: Posters

Water - tap into it: Posters

Water cycle poster (there is also a quiz version): Poster

Activities around hydration

Activity sheets including word scrambles, fun water facts, word search - produced for Nutrition Australia: Link

Test your knowledge quiz: Link

Nutrition and Hydration week: campaign handbook, and other resources

Toolkits for specific settings

Royal College of Nursing Hospital Hydration Best Practice Toolkit: Link

Water for Healthy Ageing - Hydration Best Practice Toolkit for Care Homes: Link

The Caroline Walker Trust - Eating well: supporting older people and older people with Dementia. A practical guide. This is a superb resource on helping older people to eat well, and it is freely downloadable: Link

Assessments and awards

The Care Home Nutrition and Hydration Award: Link

Care Quality Commission - Reports on Dignity and nutrition for older people: Link

Information and advice

Practical information, and videos from the European Hydration Institute: Link

Hydration tips from Wateraid: Link

Fact sheets and tools from the Natural Hydration Council: Link

NHS Choices on dehydration: Link

BBC Health on dehydration: Link

US National Library of Medicine on dehydration: Link

Wikipedia on dehydration: Link


Nutrition and Hydration Week, A taste of patient safety, including a worldwide Afternoon Tea on 19th March! 17th – 23rd March 2014: Link and Link

Dignity Action Day – Digni-Tea. A day on dignity for older people, also celebrated with a tea party! This will be on 1st February 2014. There are action packs and posters to download, a great way to show that your home cares about hydration and dignity. Link

Time for a Cuppa - campaign week 1st - 8th March 2013 from Dementia UK: www.timeforacuppa.org

World water day, 22 March 2013 including lots of supporting information and posters, as well as a super “water cycle” poster to download, a calendar and logos to print onto t-shirts: Link

UK Coffee Week, 22-28 April 2013 raising money for clean water projects in Tanzania: Link

Health on Tap - a campaign to promote good hydration in older people in residential care from Anglian Water: Link

Make a pledge on nutrition and hydration, get a certificate: Link

Resources for care homes to use:

The National Association of Care Catering is a membership organisation with huge amounts of useful information, recipes, training, tip sheets and ideas. These are links to some of their resources: Link and Link.

Dignity in Care network, led by the National Dignity Council, Dignity Champions form part of a nationwide network of over 40,000 individuals and organisations who work to put dignity and respect at the heart of UK care services to enable a positive experience of care. Become a Dignity Champion, download their good practice guidelines and toolkit. Link

The British Association of Occupational Therapists and College of Occupational Therapists have produced a toolkit on helping residents keep active in care homes, called “Living well in care homes”. The toolkit is free online resource full of practical ideas of how to support care home residents to live their lives doing the day-to-day activities that are important to them. The toolkit promotes dignity and respect, mental and physical wellbeing and integration into the community. It includes free training materials and audit tools to review and evidence aspects of care such as personalisation and choice. Download the toolkit here: Link

The Principles and Clinical Practice of Nursing Home Care is a book on best practice for care homes (with free slides to download): Link

The Relatives and Residents Association produces lots of useful information (for example on care home inspection, being a relative of a resident, volunteers in care homes and much more, the keys to care tool and much more): Link

INTERACT – Interventions to reduce Acute Care Transfers provides tools and links (free) to help you reduce emergency hospital admissions in care home residents: Link

Aging in place – this is information on a programme of research carried out in the US, about how best to help older people stay in a care home despite health problems and increasing frailty, with an emphasis on health monitoring through new technology: AgingMO and Active Elders

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